Apple Watch Slots in Australia

The core of the technological boom has been the incredible growth of communication devices. The very latest development that we are enjoying is the advent of the smart watch. Concomitant with this little technological marvel is game development of all sorts, with casino games and slot machines already available on the watch. One of the more recent games is called Double Luck Nudge and has been created by acknowledged arcade game expert, Larry DeMar, who also expects online gambling to make full use of this technological addition.

Double Luck Nudge Slots works for a quick Apple watch slots game on the wrist. Although not a pay-to-play slot machine game, players receive hourly bonuses and can view videos for game credits as there are no in-app purchases, and the game is really just simple fun. However, DeMar’s company LED Gaming is aiming to be able to offer a slot-machine app that could be adapted to use real money. Apple watch slots in this format is a winning combination of smart watch, crisp graphics and haptic feedback, allowing players literally to feel the game.

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Technology Available

The capabilities, obviously, of this watch mean that players will soon enjoy real casino slot machine functionality, including with all the graphics, sounds and mathematical models that are used in conjunction with online slot machine development. Real casino slot play is now available at the very tap of a wrist.

The first game designed exclusively for an apple watch was Slots Time, one of a suite of games designed for the Apple watch. Players enjoy playing for credit on classic Vegas-style slots games as well as on the range of puzzles and fun games that are included. All the games that are designed specifically for apple software will undoubtedly be fast, functional and exciting to play. The range of slot, casino and betting games that are going to be available on this ubiquitous device is simply a direct proportional function to the number of smart watch users.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

The Apple watch at first impression, does not seem particularly suited to gaming, let alone Apple watch slots games. This is because the screen is small and the controls are necessarily limited. The restrictions on gameplay and financial transactions are challenging the development of Apple watch slots. Nevertheless, a new forum has been created for game developers to blaze trails on, and already online Apple watch slots app creation courses are available online.

Innovation Waits for No Man

Already the first developmental hurdles have been dealt with innovatively, and a new term, taptics has become used in conjunction with this field. The new term means applying the touch sensations through user interaction, enabling a bi-directional range of communications. These games in question have striking animations, even on a small screen, and whilst in the game of Red Sevens players play straightforward slots odds, in the game Diamond Mine players get to navigate three rounds of three diamonds to find a treasure. In addition, and indicative of development levels, Fruit offer spin multipliers and Pink Samurai trigger free spins and wild multipliers in game levels.

Granted, with slots games being so universally popular, slot machine development will probably retain its priority and position. Apple watch Slots are bound to be some of the games most often played on an Apple watch, be as fast and effective as Apple products are wont to be, and sooner rather than later, playing Apple watch slots games and winning at casinos would be a literal tap on the wrist. At you’ll always be the first to know about new tech and the games that can be enjoyed on the go.

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